Professor of Gakushuin University
 Department of Education , Faculty of Letters &
 teacher-training course
Study on Extraclass activities
Extracurricular club activities
Volunteer-Learning in School education
Citizenship Education
Director of Japanese Association for the Study of Extraclass activities

Director of Japan Volunteer Learning Society

Inspector of Japan Citizenship Forum
Study on the concept regulation of the Volunteer-Learning,mainly in the secondary education
Study on the Curriculum Systematization of the Volunteer-Learning
Let's discuss about the wonder of Extracurricular club activities
How to create the volunteer group whom people gather for
Introduction to Extraclass activities
The way to volunteer activities in junior-high school
How to promote Volunteer-Learning in junior & senior high school
How to promote community service program & Volunteer-Learning in elementary & junior high school
Citizenship education,promoting by Volunteer-Learning
Volunteer activities for parent & child