Professor of Gakushuin University
 Department of Education , Faculty of Letters &
 teacher-training course
Study on Extraclass activities
Volunteer-Learning in School education
Citizenship Education
Director of Japanese Association for the Study of Extraclass activities
Director of Japan Academic Association of Socio-education and Service Learning
Director of Japan Volunteer Coordinators Association
Director of Japan Volunteer Learning Society
Inspector of Japan Citizenship Forum
Study on the concept regulation of the Volunteer-Learning,mainly in the secondary education
Study on the Curriculum Systematization of the Volunteer-Learning
The way to volunteer activities in junior-high school
How to promote Volunteer-Learning in junior & senior high school
How to promote community service program & Volunteer-Learning in elementary & junior high school
Citizenship education,promoting by Volunteer-Learning
Volunteer activities for parent & child
●Study Subject
From now on, I want to clarify the structure of the Volunteer-Learning.